6. 05. 2021Back2Back: Jake Yuzna – The Alternative Is Hard To See

Back2Back: Jake Yuzna

To the second Back2Back – an event of artistic research of the DIVA archive – we invited artist, film author and curator Jake Yuzna (USA), who was at a research residency in the DIVA Station archive at SCCA-Ljubljana in 2020. In their selection of works, they followed the alternative culture in Slovenia and, especially for this program, they also created a new work in which they reflect on their attitude towards the alternative.

The program includes videos by artists: Borghesia, Neven Korda, Jurij Korenc, Rok Sieber – Kuri, Gorazd Krnc, Yuliya Molina, Alenka Pirman, Sašo Sedlaček, Ana Sluga, Valerie Wolf Gang and Jake Yuzna.
Before the screening Peter Cerovšek, head of DIVA Station was talking with Jake Yuzna.