16. 06. 2016Feedback Loop 2 at Museum Summer Night 2016

Feedback Loop 2

Video screening

Saturday, 18 June 2016
from 10pm – Facade +MSUM, Maistrova 3, Ljubljana

We are joining the traditional Museum Summer Night with a two-hour screening program entitled Feedback Loop 2 at a Museum Square in Ljubljana. The video program Feedback Loop 2 curated by Ida Hiršenfelder presents the part of video archive which is extremely important for understanding video art and its social impact, but remains almost entirely unnoticed and non-representational. Feedback Loop (in its first version) was premiered on media facade of Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb in 2014. The second edition of the program is showcasing a new selection.

More: www.scca-ljubljana.si/news-en_16-15.htm

21. 09. 2015Videospotting at Curating-In-Context symposium in Manila (The Philippines)

Simpozij v Manili

Presentation and screening
August 5, 2015
Blackbox, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, Manila

Barbara Borčić presented DIVA Station and Videospotting program in frame of the exchange program Curating-In-Depth in Manila, while Ricky Orellana presented Philippines audiovisual archive Mowelfund; the presentations were followed by projections of works from both archives: program Diva Station Presents and program of short films from Mowelfund. As a part of the Curating-In-Context symposium organised by Planting Rice the event was presented under the name Problematizing Experimental and Archival Practices in Video and Film. That was the first encounter with video art in Slovenia for the Philippines public and with Philippines film production (including films by John Torres) for us from Slovenia.

The event was organised by SCCA-Ljubljana /DIVA Station, video and new media archive in cooperation with Planting Rice (Manila).

4. 07. 2015Race with Time 2. Performance in a Rear-view Mirror

Exhibition and presentation
Curator: Barbara Borčić
June 15– July 7, 2015
grey) (area space for contemporary and media art, Korčula, Croatia

Barbara Borčić, curator of the exhibition Race with Time 2. Performance in a Rear-view Mirror, selected works by eight artists (Martina Bastarda / Mateja Ocepek / Nataša Skušek, Mateja Bučar, Ana Čigon, Tomaž Furlan, Marko A. Kovačič, Miha Vipotnik) from SCCA’s DIVA Station, video and new media archive. In frame of the exhibition, the presentation DIVA Station – archiving of images and time by the curator took place accompanied by screening of DIVA at Škuc Gallery, a video essay by Nika Grabar.

Production: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2015
Co-production: grey) (area

MORE: http://www.scca-ljubljana.si/news-en_15-18.htm

24. 10. 2014Videospotting at MSU Zagreb

Postaja DIVA

Videospotting at MSU Zagreb
Exhibition and projection on media facade

October 30 – November 10, 2014
Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Avenija Dubrovnik 17, Zagreb, Croatia

The DIVA Station will be hosting at MSU Zagreb with a presentation and a workshop. The collaborators of DIVA Station (SCCA-Ljubljana) Barbara Borčić, Dušan Dovč, Ida Hiršenfelder and Nika Grabar will present the procedures of production, historisation and functioning of DIVA Station, the archive of video and media art in Slovenia. On that occasion DIVA at Škuc Gallery, a video essay by Nika Grabar presenting the topic of archiving as “the preservation of memory”, will be shown.

Beside that two video programmes will meet their premiere at MSU Zagreb: Industrial Landscape curated by Miha Colner and Feedback Loop curated by Ida Hiršenfelder.

Production: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2014
Co-production: MSU Zagreb

MORE: http://www.scca-ljubljana.si/news-en_14-38.htm

26. 06. 2014Race with Time. Performance in a Rear-view Mirror

Race with Time

The exhibition Race with Time. Performance in a Rear-view Mirror, curated by Barbara Borčić, demonstrated the relationship between performance art and video art that could be schematically demonstrated by four modes: 1) video as a document of performance, 2) video as a part of performance / performance as a part of video, 3) (video) performance, staged only for the camera, and 4) performance made possible only through video, its expressive and technological possibilities for processing and editing.

Production: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2014

Co-production: Slovenski gledališki inštitut (National Theatre Museum/Institute)

MORE: www.scca-ljubljana.si/news-en_14-19.htm

6. 02. 2014What Television Can Be, And What Artists Can Use It For? / Endless Plane. The dimensions of video space and the art of projection



The series of three lectures in frame of Encounters with contemporary visual art prepared by Barbara Borčić, Ida Hiršenfelder and Saša Nabergoj in 2014 are the outcome of collaboration between SCCA-Ljubljana and City Gallery Nova Gorica.


Barbara Borčić: What Television Can Be, And What Artists Can Use It For?
January 28, 2014 at 7pm
Nova Gorica City Gallery, Bevkov trg 4

The first lecture has surveyed artistic practices that are essentially concerned with the relation to television. Barbara Borčić, the leader of DIVA Station archive at SCCA-Ljubljana, will present the variety of ways in which artists have responded to television in a variety of media, techniques, and means of expression, challenging or exposing its conventions, especially its mediation and manipulation, or undermining the established codes and structures.

More …

Marko A. Kovačič: TV objekti, instalacija, 1990

Marko A. Kovačič, TV Objects, installation, 1990. Photo: Bojan Salaj


Ida Hiršenfelder: Endless Plane. The dimensions of video space and the art of projection
February 25, 2014 at 7pm
Nova Gorica City Gallery, Bevkov trg 4

The second lecture is going to deal with projection as a medium and a building block of the experience of space in contemporary art. Ida Hiršenfelder, an art critic, theorist of media art, curator, and a member of DIVA Station digital video archive is going to talk about video space.

More …

Marko Batista, Boštjan Čadež: Timing Diagrams

Marko Batista, Boštjan Čadež: Timing Diagrams, Old Power Plant, Ljubljana, Production: Aksioma, 2011


Special thanks for extending their invitation to Nova Gorica City Gallery, Pavla Jarc, and Mateja Poljšak Furlan.

12. 11. 2013Barbara Borčić: Ljubljana Alternative Scene

Presentation & screening

Thursday, November 14, at 7 pm
Künstlerhaus. Halle für Kunst & Medien, Graz

In frame of the exhibition … Was ist Kunst? … Resuming Fragmented Histories, Sept. 22– Nov. 21, 2013

Ljubljana Alternative Scene

The presentation will focus on the cultural/artistic practices of the Ljubljana Alternative Scene in the eighties, a conglomerate of artistic and cultural protagonists and new social and theoretical movements (peace, ecologist, feminist, gay and lesbian; New Left, Post-Structuralism and Lacanianism) which eventually constituted a civil society. While video and multimedia practices formed its constitutive part as well as its (media) effect, the Škuc Gallery as an important protagonist of the scene introduced the concept of expanded visual arts and was actually the space where Raša Todosijević presented his work/poster Was ist Kunst (Marinela Koželj) in 1981 and produced a strong impact on Slovene artists and their artistic practices.

MORE: http://www.scca-ljubljana.si/news-en_13-35.htm

30. 10. 2013Intimising Dance (2011) at TransDance 13 Festival in Cairo

28th and 29th October, 2013

Intimising Dance is a video programme selected by Ida Hiršenfelder in the framework of Videospotting series of video art programmes. It has been screened as a part of TransDance 13 Festival (from 21st till 30th October, 2013) organised by HaRaKa Center in their newly opened exhibition space ODA in the centre of Cairo.

This year’s festival topic is Oblivion and Resistance focused on the questions of performance and actions based on the use of the body, the creation of the rules of observation, presentation and mediation, archives and monopoly, the deletion of memory and lose.

MORE: http://www.scca-ljubljana.si/news-en_13-34.htm

28. 06. 2013New Video Program Constants and Continuities

Premiere March 20, 2013
MKC Koper Youth and Culture Centre

Video Program Constants and Continuities

For MKC Koper Youth and Culture Centre SCCA-Ljubljana prepared a new video program curated by Andrej Pezelj.

With this programme we would like to show as heteroclite video selection as possible in order to show that many videos from the 80s had dealt with the topics that are much similar to what we are dealing now. People were fighting against ecological challenges, facing housing dilemmas; they also found some time to think about fashion or about the production of beautiful video works.

MORE ABOUT THE VIDEO PROGRAM: www.videospotting.org/eng/constants-and-continuities-2013

8. 09. 2012The Dark Alter

Video screening
19th Anniversary of AKC Metelkova City

Saturday night, September 8, 2012 from 9 pm
Place: three windows in front of Pešaki building

The Dark Alter

For 19th Anniversary of AKC Metelkova City a hosting curator at SCCA-Ljubljana Sixtine Rose Boyer prepared a video program about the alternative art scene, Metelkova and its forerunners.

Sixtine Rose Boyer is currently working as a volunteer at the DIVA Station material and on-line archive of video art. Simultaneously, she is a postgraduate student of Triple Master Degree (Medias, Culture and Communication) at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Europa-Universität Vidarina of Frankfurt an der Oder and University St Kliment Ohridski of Sofia.

The starting point of her thesis is the exploration of so-called Dark Culture (i.e. Gothic, New Dark and Cold Wave, Punk, Hard Core) in Slovenia and more specifically in Ljubljana from the beginning of the 80s till today. Predominantly, she is researching the role of groups and movements like FV Group, Borghesia, Laibach and AKC Metelkova City.