Selection from the DIVA Station Archive: An Escape into Experiment (2021)

Back2Back: Tatiana Kocmur – Sunflower
Curators: Peter Cerovšek and Vesna Bukovec
SCCA-Ljubljana, 2021
Duration: 57’
Premiere: V-F-X Ljubljana, Slovenian Cinematheque (8 July 2021)

Back2Back is a series of events where we invite local and international authors to present their production and establish a dialogue with works of their choice from the DIVA Station archive.

The programme is part of the first edition of the international festival of experimental audiovisual practices V-F-X Ljubljana (video-film-experiment).

From a TV signal to video, from film stock to computer generated images. Te selection of works from the DIVA Station archive is a collage of different aesthetic and substantive approaches that reflect the time of their making and the technical limitations of a particular medium. All works share the creation of their own interspace of interpretation within the classically defined bearers of messages (words, images, sound, music…).

Miha Vipotnik, Space 2, 1′ 53″
Brut, 1986
» video
Miha Vipotnik, Space 2

Zemira Alajbegović, Tereza, 4’ 26’’
FV Video / ŠKUC – Forum, 1983
» video
Zemira Alajbegović, Tereza

Gorazd Krnc, Three Doors, 3′ 11″
Gulag produkcija, 2007
» video
Gorazd Krnc, Three Doors

Neven Korda, Here and Now, 8’ 50”
N.K., 2007
» video
Neven Korda, Here and Now

Sara Bezovšek, Computering_preview, 2’
Kino Šiška, 2019
» video
Sara Bezovšek, Computering_preview

Kristina Kokalj, Memory Machine, 4′ 25”
ALUO, 2018
» video
Kristina Kokalj, Memory Machine

Borut Savski, Videographics 19, 4’ 23”
B.S., 2007
» video
Borut Savski, Videographics 19

Uršula Berlot, Liquid Solidity, 5’ 6”
U.B., 2017
» video
Uršula Berlot, Liquid Solidity

Agnes Momirski, NO.4 (SONAR) (Sontag Shogun), 3’ 33”
A.M., 2017
» video
Agnes Momirski, NO.4 (SONAR)

Nataša Prosenc Stearns, Nightmares of the New World, 7’ 31”
N.P.S., 2017
» video
Nataša Prosenc Stearns, Nightmares of the New World

Sašo Sedlaček, Sky In Ruins (di sotto in sù), 3’ 40”
S.S., 2016
Sašo Sedlaček, Sky In Ruins (di sotto in sù)

Damijan Kracina and Vladimir Leben: Galapagos, 5′ 39″
D.K. in V.L., 2005
» video
Damijan Kracina and Vladimir Leben: Galapagos