Transient Bodies (2007)

Curated by: Ida Hiršenfelder
Production: SCCA-Ljubljana 2007
Duration: 30 minutes

Four video works present relations between the subject of looking and the object of vision. Whereas the object can range from anything in social environment, from the man’s relation to disease to transitory and internal disintegration.

The program was presented as a part of the international seminar What Is Going On Concerning Audiovisual Archives? (Kapelica Gallery, November 2007).

Zmago Lenardič, Big Blue Subway, 12′ 42”
VPK & White Balance, 2000
Zmago Lenardič, Big Blue Subway

Davide Grassi, Nuclear Body, 08′ 51”
VPK, CD & ŠOU Galerija Kapelica, 1999
Davide Grassi, Nuclear Body

Jasna Hribernik in Zmago Lenardič, Elsa und Lohengrin, 3′
VPK, 1997
Jasna Hribernik in Zmago Lenardič, Elsa und Lohengrin

Nataša Prosenc, The Double, 3′ 25′
TV Slovenija, 1995
Nataša Prosenc, The Double