Bodyspotting (1997)

Curated by: Barbara Borčić and Nerina Kocjančič
Production: SCCA-Ljubljana, 1997
Duration: 62 minutes

Ten video works of the selection are made in various genres and deal with the representation of the body in a broad range of media and technological approaches.

The program consists of a series of six thematic one-hour programs (Bodyspotting, Creatures, Docuart, Intolerance, Dancemania and Memories) featuring selected Slovene video productions from the period of five years (1992-1997) was presented in the form of thematic evening events. The programs are related to music video clips, art video, video dance and documentary videos. These are projects which are usually restricted to an electronic life of their own even though the video artists have frequently worked on more than one genre.

Mirko Simič, Do You Hear the Sound of Silence, 2′ 22”
Bris & Forum Ljubljana, 1992

Mirko Simić, Do You Hear the Sound of Silence

Sašo Podgoršek, Joužek (Vlado Kreslin), 4′ 06”
TV Slovenija & Jump Cut, 1995
Sašo Podgoršek, Joužek (Vlado Kreslin)

Ema Kugler, Taiga, 8′
Forum Ljubljana & VPK, 1996
Ema Kugler, Taiga

Marko A. Kovačič, I’ve seen that like it is (2227), 5′ 40”
Forum Ljubljana & VPK, 1993
Marko A. Kovačič, I've Seen That...Like It Is (2227)

Sašo Podgoršek, Path, 12′
PTL, 1993
Sašo Podgoršek, Path

Sašo Podgoršek, Cry Baby (Demolition Group), 3′ 26”
Demolition Production, 1993
Sašo Podgoršek, Cry Baby

Nataša Prosenc, One Way, 5′ 32”
TV Slovenija, 1996
Nataša Prosenc, One Way

Jan Zakonjšek, Kako sem ujel sokola / How I Caught the Falcon, 10′
TV Slovenija, 1993
Jan Zakonšek, Kako sem ujel sokola / How I Caught the Falcon

Sašo Podgoršek, You never cry (Demolition Group), 3′ 45”
Jump Cut, 1995
Sašo Podgoršek, You never cry (Demolition Group)

Darij Kreuh, Bližina / Closeness, 6′ 50”
D. K., 1995
Darij Kreuh, Bližina / Closeness