Back2Back: Mila Peršin (2021)

Curator: Mila Peršin
SCCA-Ljubljana, 2021
Duration: 87’ (including the talk)
Premiere: online screening (19.–21. 2. 2021)

Back2Back is a new type of event within the curated Videospotting programs, where we invite domestic and international authors at various stages of their creative path to present their own production and establish a dialogue with works of their choice from the DIVA Station archive. We will invite mostly artists who do not yet have their works in the archive. Before the screening, we will prepare short conversations with them, which will shed light on their own authorial focuses and reveal why they were addressed by selected works. The program was designed with the aim of opening the archive to artistic research, which, together with the presentation of their own practice, establishes interesting parallels to classical curatorial approaches.

The selection contains 10 short videos from different periods of Slovenian film and video production, which are connected at different levels and coincide with the short film Auntie Milena. The red thread of the program is memories. Memories that are translated in thousands of different ways haunt us, sometimes even suffocate us, and most of all, help us manage time. Precisely because of personal persuasiveness and unpretentious aesthetics, these films are subtle studies that weave the phenomenon of remembrance.

The program also reveals the other part of human memory – accumulated dirt, which we often cannot escape. The nostalgic world of memory thus often has no power in dealing with the weight of the time that surrounds it.

Mila Peršin

Small but dangers, The Curtain, 3′ 51”
SBD, 2013
» video
Small but dangers, Zavesa

Mila Peršin, Auntie Milena, 9′ 10”
AVA – Akademija za vizualne umetnosti, 2019
» video (trailer)
Mila Peršin, Tetka Milena

Ana Nuša Dragan, Communication of Gastronomy, 2′ 45”
A.N.D., 1971
» video
Ana Nuša Dragan, Komunikacija gastronomije

Miha Vipotnik, Lumino auro, 23′ 39”
Uho;Oko Institute for Art and Technology & M. V., 2011
» video
Miha Vipotnik, Lumino auro

Sašo Sedlaček, The Big Switch Off, 1′ 48”
Aksioma, 2011
» video
Sašo Sedlaček, Veliki izklop

Kristina Kokalj, Memory Machine, 4′ 25”
ALUO, 2018
» video
Kristina Kokalj, Mašina spomina

Danilo Milovanović, Cover, 6′ 13”
D.M., 2016
» video
Danilo Milovanović, Cover

Tanja Lažetić, Hotel Kumrovec, 7′ 42”
T.L., 2007
» video
Tanja Lažetić, Hotel Kumrovec

Jasna Hribernik, Carte Postale, 6′ 10”
TV Slovenija, 1997
» video
Jasna Hribernik, Carte Postale

Katarina Rešek (KUKLA), Zvezdana (Napravi mi dete), 3′ 17”
Kuklaxklan, 2014
» video
Katarina Rešek (KUKLA), Zvezdana

Mila Peršin (1999) studies the Conceptualisation of space at the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) in Ljubljana. As a high school student she, with her video installation, attended a youth Triennale for modern arts in Tallinn called Eksperimenta! Mila was a part of the youth jury at various festivals, for example, Liffe (Ljubljana International Film Festival), Zlata paličica (Festival of Performing Arts for Children and Young People), Film na oko (Internatinal Film Festival for Youth in Ljubljana), and Opus (International Competition of Young Dance Creators). She was also an organising member of Sonica (Festival of Contemporary Electronic Music and Transitory Art), Docu Rough Cut at Sarajevo Film Festival, Indigo festival (Festival of Contemporary Ideas), Mladi levi (International Contemporary Performing Arts Festival), Kino Otok (Isola Cinema International Film Festival), and FeKK (Ljubljana Short Film Festival). Her first short film Tetka Milena (Auntie Milena) was selected for the competing part of FeKK and FSF (Festival of Slovenian Film). Since 2019, she has been working at DobraVaga gallery as a member of its creative team.