30. 08. 2023VideoGarden.12

Screening and talk on Thursday, 31 August 2023, 8 pm at the inner courtyard of Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana.
Bonobostudio is a company specialised in the production and distribution of short animated and experimental films. It was founded in Zagreb in 2008 as a place for creativity and innovation in experimental animation. Films in this selection represent bold and playful spirit of their filmmakers, deconstructing and reconstructing narratives and exploring topics ranging from deceptive memory to illusive reality.
Participating: Artists: Dalibor Barić, Ana Hušman, Miro Manojlović, Ollie Magee, Pekka Sassi, Alexander Stewart
Curator: Vanja Andrijević


27. 06. 2023VideoGarden.11

Screening and talk on Wednesday, 28 June 2023, 9 pm at the inner courtyard of Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana.
The opening event of the fourth season of VideoGarden presents new acquisitions in the DIVA Station archive. The curated programme features videos and films with personal artistic expressions and experimental approaches. They address the various existential issues that arise when people come into contact with their environment. From the anxiety of everyday life, the inevitability of climate change, personal memories and attitudes towards nature and music. They look into the conserved past and get stuck thinking about the future.
Participating: Ester Ivakič, Teja Miholič, Neža Knez, Anne Tassel, Matevž Jerman, Niko Novak, Ana Likar, Uršula Berlot, Francisco Tomsich, Nejc Trampuž.
Curators: Vesna Bukovec, Peter Cerovšek


11. 05. 20233rd International Festival of Experimental Audiovisual Practices V-F-X Ljubljana

11 – 14 May 2023
Slovenian Cinematheque, SCCA Project Room

Four festival days challenge the horizon of the domesticated gaze: with the filmmaker in focus, the experimental animator Gudrun Krebitz, we will explore the polyphonic layering of intimate cinematic landscapes; we will get to know the blazing Pan-American experimental production through two programmes selected by the guest curator Jean-Jacques Martinod, while this year’s new section Vistas brings together what the programme team has gleaned from the wide field of current practices. With the New Light programme we would like to emphasise the significance of preserving Slovenian heritage, but we at the same time also unreservedly think about the future: during the festival, the interactive VR installation Journey Into the Universe of Consciousness will test the limits of the gaze. In addition to Neža Knez’s workshop and exhibition, the Czech artist Jan Kulka will provide a fitting closing of the festival with his AV performance. Vive le expérimental!


20. 04. 2023Back2Back: Teja Miholič – Neighbour’s Dog Is Crying What if the Neighbour Is Dead

Back2Back: Teja Miholič

Talk and screening, 26 April 2023, at the Project Room SCCA.
Artist and film director Teja Miholič presents her film Neighbour’s Dog Is Crying What if the Neighbour Is Dead and a selection of works in which she recognized similar humour, pace, aesthetics or personal expression.
Participating: Teja Miholič, Alenka Pirman, Maja Šubic, Neža Knez, Danilo Milovanović, Eva Jakopič, Katarina Lukec, Polonca Lovšin, Vesna Bukovec, Miha Vipotnik, Sara Bezovšek, Zemira Alajbegović, Neven Korda.


3. 04. 2023Kindly Not Invited

Miha Vipotnik, Space 2, 1986

Group exhibition at Kino Šiška Urban Culture Center (3–18 April 2023) was curated by Varja Močnik.
History teaches that experimental film is intended only for a narrow circle of the public. Is the (difficult) accessibility of this type of content an issue of physical display spaces or curation environments? Perhaps of limited and at the same time overcrowded spiritual contexts? Such questions will only be deepened by the exhibition of experimental audiovisual works by Slovenian authors. And multiplied.
Group exhibition at Kino Šiška (3 – 18 April 2023) is curated by Varja Močnik.
Participating: Nika Autor, Sara Bezovšek, Ana Čigon, Jasna Hribernik, Marko A. Kovačič, Damijan Kracina, Andrej Lupinc, Kolja Saksida, Rok Sieberer – Kuri, Miha Vipotnik.