Recordings of Reality – Subjectivization of Objectivity (2018)

Curator: Toni Poljanec
SCCA-Ljubljana, 2018
Duration: 50’ 29’’
Premiere: Short Film Night 2018, Slovenian Cinematheque, Ljubljana (21. 12. 2018)

The program is a selection of art videos, which are more or less openly “flirting” with the documentary approach and form, and go beyond the archiving an artistic practice. The documentary approach, in principle, presupposes the presentation of an objective reality, which, as soon as it is recorded on the camera, immediately changes into a subjective view. In selected videos, the recording of reality becomes the subject of artistic reinterpretation, which on the one hand filters memories and nostalgically addresses the past, and on the other questions the present.

Damijan Kracina & Katarina Toman Kracina, Marmelade, 4’
D. K., 2004
Damijan Kracina & Katarina Toman Kracina, Marmelada

Noemi Veberič Levovnik, Sunday, 5’ 58”
N.V.L., 2009
» video
Noemi Veberič Levovnik, Nedelja

Polonca Lovšin, Ulica: Always Better, 1’ 25”
P. L., 2002
» video
Polonca Lovšin, Ulica: Vedno boljša

Pila Rusjan, Elisa, 5, 4’ 5”
P.R., 2010
» video
Pila Rusjan, Elisa, 5

Keiko Miyazaki, What is Your Fetish?, 6’ 41”
K.M., 2018
» video
Keiko Miyazaki, Kakšen fetiš imate?

Danilo Milovanović, Plastic Makes It Static, 3’ 17”
D.M. in Fotopub, 2017
» video
Danilo Milovanović, Plastic Makes It Static

Maja Hodošček, Promised Land, 10’ 4”
M.H., 2010
Maja Hodošček, Obljubljena dežela

3kolektiv (Maša Gala, Eva Kastelic, Katja Felle), Reservoir – Swine is Art and Art is Swine, 4’ 18”
3kolektiv, 2012
» video
3kolektiv (Maša Gala, Eva Kastelic, Katja Felle), Rezervoar “Svinja je umetnost in umetnost je svinja”

Miha Mohorič, Ode to Camel, 11’ 57”
M.M., 2018
Miha Mohorič, Oda kameli