Faces and Structures (2018)

Curator: Christopher Krause
Production: SCCA-Ljubljana, 2018
Text: Christopher Krause
Presentation: Performative lecture Christopher Krause: Faces + Structures, Project Room, SCCA-Ljubljana, April 25, 2018

Video art by itself historically implicates a kind of crossover between the logic of the artistic image and the image of mass media. Faces + Structures tries to actualize this artistic approach by addressing the fundamental split of the gaze in somebody who watches: the spectator/artist; and something that is watched: the artwork. The curated video program and performative lecture deal with this split in an essayistic way, in order to ask what it can mean for the role of artistic production today and what it can mean to talk about artworks.

Selected video works:

Dalibor Martinis – Martinis talks to Martinis: parts of it on Grabar – Format Oblivion (2012), beginning at 00:30 » video

Miha Vipotnik – Path of Crazy Wisdom (1993) » video

Noemi Veberič Levovnik – FacesVoices (2008) » video

Damijan Kracina – Nails (1995) » video

Zmago Lenardič, Jasna Hribernik – Three Wishes (2000) » video

Andrej Lupinc – Screams and Shouts (1985) » video

Gorazd Krnc – Five AM, Light (2000) » video

Neven Korda – 1 Sec of My Life (2001) » video

Marko Peljhan – The Park of Culture (TV situation) (1996) » video

Elena Fajt; Luka Dekleva – The Memory (2009) » video

Alenka Pirman – Franci Zagoričnik – Črno-beli diapazon, 1966-2006 (2006) » video

Alenka Pirman – Aleš Kermavner – KAJ JE (V-SEBI-NA = V), ok. 1966-2006 (2006) » video

Boštjan Kavčič – Made in Venice (2005) » video

Miha Vipotnik – Laughter (2015) » video

Christopher Krause is working as a performer, dramaturgue and theorist and is mostly interested in Games, Fiction and the constitution of meaning through the interplay of language and objects. He is currently finishing his MA studies at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen, Germany. At SCCA-Ljubljana, he conducted a one-month study practice in April – he focused on researching SCCA video archive DIVA Station.