28. 06. 2024VideoGarden.15: Landscapes, Spaces


Screening and talk on Thursday, 4 July 2024, 9 pm at the inner courtyard of Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana.
The films deal with landscapes, both internal and external, in one way or another. If human characters or figures are present, they are part of the landscape rather than occupying the foreground; in this way, we establish a relationship to space, its dimensions, and the entities within it, which manifest themselves in different ways. Above all, humans manifest themselves through the traces of social arrangements that determine the ways and possibilities of moving through spaces.
Participating: Participating: Ana Brumat, Ester Ivakič, Blaž Kutin, Blaž Murn, David Paige, Maja Prelog, Juš Premrov
Curator: Robert Kuret


24. 05. 2024VideoGarden.14: Modus operandi


Screening and talk on Saturday, 25 May 2024, 9 pm at the inner courtyard of Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana.
14th VideoGarden is part of the Ljubljana Art Weekend. The DIVA Station team (Vesna Bukovec, Peter Cerovšek, Robert Kuret) has prepared a curated program Modus operandi, which presents various ways of working in order to survive in today’s neoliberal world.
Participating: Nika Autor, Sara Bezovšek, Lada Cerar, Lenka Đorojević & Matej Stupica, Tomaž Furlan, Neža Knez, Danilo Milovanović, Nika Oblak & Primož Novak.


10. 05. 2024V-F-X Ljubljana 2024

V-F-X Ljubljana

15 – 18 May 2024, at Slovenian Cinematheque and Kino Šiška
The fourth edition of the international festival of experimental AV practices V-F-X Ljubljana in the Slovenian Cinematheque opens with the award-winning feature film Don’t Think It Will Ever Pass: 25. 4.–26. 1. by Tomaž Grom with live music. This year, we are putting African and Romanian productions and films by Slovenian students in the foreground, hosting the Viennese collective Total Refusal and paying homage to the films of Vasko Pregelj with a live electronic music. The Vistas programme brings an eclectic range of high-profile titles from the international scene. We close the festival in Kino Šiška with an immersive live performance by Amélie Nilles. The accompanying programme consists of an analogue film workshop, a panel discussion on independent film labs and the VR Point with a short film in virtual reality.


20. 03. 2024Back2Back: Nika Jurman

Back2Back: Nika Jurman

Talk and screening, 20 March 2024, SCCA Project Room, Ljubljana
Back2Back is a series of events where we invite local and international authors to present their production and establish a dialogue with works of their choice from the DIVA Station archive. We invited screenwriter and director Nika Jurman, author of the award-winning short film Borbike. Participating: Ana Morales, Ivor Glavaš & Javier Cebrian, Lada Cerar, Miha Vipotnik, Mirko Simić, Nika Jurman, Polonca Lovšin, Rok Sieberer – Kuri, Vesna Bukovec.


30. 01. 2024Neven Korda: Unknown Land

Neven Korda & Zemira Alajbegović: Zbiralci peska

Screening of film/video oeuvre ’80-’10
31 January / 28 February / 12 March / 24 April
Slovenian Cinematheque & Slovenian Film Database (BSF)
Production: SCCA-Ljubljana and Slovenian Cinematheque
Curator: Robert Kuret

Neven Korda is an artist who has contributed significantly to developing video as a new medium. He creatively expressed himself through various periods, experimenting with the expressive possibilities of media that produced video.
A survey of Korda’s works will be organized into four programmatic strands, which follow the development of his creativity, each linked to a specific historical, production, genre, and collaborative context. Except for his last period of filmmaking, Neven Korda has been a part of various collectives where authorship has been declared joint.