27. 06. 2023VideoGarden.11

Screening and talk on Wednesday, 28 June 2023, 9 pm at the inner courtyard of Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana.
The opening event of the fourth season of VideoGarden presents new acquisitions in the DIVA Station archive. The curated programme features videos and films with personal artistic expressions and experimental approaches. They address the various existential issues that arise when people come into contact with their environment. From the anxiety of everyday life, the inevitability of climate change, personal memories and attitudes towards nature and music. They look into the conserved past and get stuck thinking about the future.
Participating: Ester Ivakič, Teja Miholič, Neža Knez, Anne Tassel, Matevž Jerman, Niko Novak, Ana Likar, Uršula Berlot, Francisco Tomsich, Nejc Trampuž.
Curators: Vesna Bukovec, Peter Cerovšek